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Dementia Friendly Projects

For older people living with dementia in community and care settings, throughout Herefordshire and the UK

The project delivered a wide range of dementia friendly activities for older people from regular projects at The Courtyard to longer term national activities

Herefordshire Project Archive


Since its creation in 2010 Creative Ageing Herefordshire was lucky enough to be working with older people on dementia projects in community and care settings across Herefordshire. We have run over 55 projects and worked with 167 artists. Our projects range from short pop-up projects like our Poetry Pen Pals international exchange project to our long-term mentor led programmes. We ran a range of different projects to engage as many older people in a wide range of activities and settings. You can find out about all of our Herefordshire based projects by clicking below.


Creative Ageing Hereford - Dementia Friendly Communication & Creative Activities & Project


Making of Me


In 2014 we began working on an exciting collaboration funded by Arts Council England and The Baring Foundation to expand our successful mentoring model outside of Herefordshire. We worked with 3 mentors, 10 artists and 8 care homes across Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire. We were very proud to work with Order of St John’s Care Trust on this exciting project and you can click on Making of Me find out more about it.


Creative Ageing Hereford - Dementia Friendly Communication and Creative Activities for Older People



 At the heart of these art sessions is a feeling that being creative gives us a sense of profound satisfaction, happiness and social connection. There is a great personal reward when we engage in making art, it makes us feel good.’

Jeanette, Artist

I enjoyed it very much. I do like dancing. I do like life. I don’t like the dull stuff. 

Gwen, Participant, Turn the Beat Around Project

I couldn’t stop writing. My imagination just got flooded.

Pupil at Eastnor Primary School, Cabinet of Curiosity Project

The closing sharing session was very successful, there was a sense of celebration and excitement at coming together with the other groups. Seeing the film was very moving and looking at the maps together brought to life the discussions about the respective places. Singing together at the end was unifying and uplifting, a sense of community had been created.

Tessa Waite, Artist, Border Towns Project

It was like going on a wild goose chase through my imagination.

Pupil at Eastnor Primary School, Cabinet of Curiosity Project