Young Dementia Herefordshire Court Crafting!

On the 21 July, The Courtyard held it’s first Court Crafting session with Young Dementia Herefordshire, run by talented local textiles practitioner Pearl Taylor. During the session the group created beautiful works of art.


Young Dementia Herefordshire is a group for younger people living with dementia, their families and friends. It is a supportive community for the sharing of information and experiences, working against preconceptions and providing support when people are feeling isolated. This group explain that “it is vital because in Herefordshire everything else is aimed at older people, there is not anything available for young people with dementia.”

Pearl has a very natural and special way of working with people with dementia, and sharing her craft with them. Working with felt was a great medium to get people involved due to it’s wonderfully tactile and colourful qualities. The creations that were produced where magnificent!

“It was a privilege to work with this group.  As I was a carer for 10 years, I understand a great deal about some of the pressures and challenges of living well with dementia.  Some amazing interior design works of art were achieved, alongside some seriously good, helpful conversations and laughter!  Thank you all for letting me be a part of your group.” Pearl Taylor, Artisan felt maker.

The group said it was brilliant to have their meeting in a central location, with the buzz of everybody else around. They found it was a good environment for everyone to socialise and support each other, whilst having the focal point of a therapeutic craft activity.

“I really loved it, initially I didn’t want to come but I really enjoyed the whole day.” “It is really nice to see people interacting with each other in this informal atmosphere.” “It has been really useful, a fantastic development for the group!” Young Dementia Herefordshire members.
After the success of Young Dementia Herefordshire’s first session here, we hope to hold regular Court Crafting sessions at the Courtyard in the future. The meetings will provide the group with a chance to socialise, take part in fun activities and craft sessions.


Find more information about the Young Dementia Herefordshire group here 


This is a Creative Ageing project and is kindly supported by The Big Lottery Reaching communities fund.