Brian Hatton Inspires Breinton

To celebrate the centenary of Herefordshire artist Brian Hatton the Courtyard’s Creative Ageing Programme worked in conjunction with the Hereford Community Farm on a new and exciting creative arts project.

Working in a variety of materials and techniques, regulars at the community farm created work inspired by the same landscapes that Hatton painted over 100 years ago.

Three full days of workshops took place in January, February and March 2016, with a total of 31 people attending. These were run by community artist Jeanette McCulloch. Participants created a large scale textile wall hanging using different fabrics, and printing techniques.

Participants, staff and volunteers at the farm also got involved doing lots of other diffeferent activities relating to Hattons work including walks, tree rubbings, paintings, scuptures, photographs and even re-enacting some of Hattons paintings.

As well as sharing the work made at the farm, we worked with Hereford College of Arts BA photography student Paul Jillard to document the work in progress. His beautiful photos give you a real flavour of the fun had by everyone taking part in this project.


After the sessions had finished the work was displayed at The Courtyard, there was so much the exhibition went across two floors! The exhibition ran from 11th April – 5th June 2016.

Launch event

On Friday 15th April 2016 we launched the exhibition; the Mayor of Hereford kindly opened the day’s events and was very complimentary about the project.  This was a real celebration for all who had involved in the project; they came to the Courtyard for the day to see the work along with friends, family and carers. Over 60 people attended, making this our most successful exhibition launch to date. After the exhibition tour, everybody enjoyed some tea and cake.

Local organisations including Herefordshire Disability United, the Breinton History Group, Herefordshire Carers Support and the Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project had information stands, which really added to the day.  

Brian Hatton Attendance chart


It is good to feel a part of such a very special place and I am so grateful to have this time

Ashlyn, Participant

It was very exciting bringing someone elses work up to date and to life and finding out more about his paintings

Emma, Brian Hatton Inspires Breinton participant

It has been nice to take the photos of the ponies with Emma and Fiona to help out with the exhibition. I have double illnesses but coming to the farm has helped me because it has got my mind back on track and helped me to feel useful again.

Alan, Brian Hatton Inspires Breinton participant

 At the heart of these art sessions is a feeling that being creative gives us a sense of profound satisfaction, happiness and social connection. There is a great personal reward when we engage in making art, it makes us feel good.’

Jeanette, Artist