Extend was a seated movement project which ran from 2011 – 2014. Delivered by an experienced movement practitioner this project was one of our most well-attended projects for many years. The groups developed a very close bond and everyone was so chatty that often our tutor had to ‘call them to order’ before she could start the session. Sharing movement and music together creates a wonderful sense of enjoyment and togetherness for people who are isolated due to physical limitations, or because of where they live. These projects ran in care and community settings across Herefordshire.

These projects ran in care and community settings across Herefordshire. Delivering workshops in the communities that people live in allowed them to develop peer groups through a shared experience – even if that was working up quite a sweat to this weeks reggae number!

The success of Extend inspired the incredibly popular Dance Magic Dance mentor-led programme.  Though we no longer offer extend classes, we do run a regular dance and movement classes at our city centre venue – The Courtyard. We have a specialist dementia friendly class ‘Find Your Feet’, and a more active class for the over 55’s ‘Chance to Dance’. For more information about class times & locations please see our booking site

For me, the joy of this project was seeing a group of people’s confidence grow as the weeks went by. They became stronger, fitter and exceeded their own expectations, sharing their happiness at their achievements. Everyone enjoyed a wonderful sense of wellbeing from the eclectic mix of music from Jazz to rock and roll, Irish jigs to reggae. 

Veronica, Extend Tutor

It wakes up the body, a reminder to the brain. An hour of enjoyment and laughter.

Mrs Rhodes, Extend participant

It helps out all of my body physically and mentally

Julie, Extend participant